Let's Skip a Day of Work

Spontaneity is good the for the relationship. Isn't that what they say?

Well we skipped work and drove down to Asheville for a weekend trip.

The Mountains have always been a great love of mine...probably attributed to vacations that my family used to take in Germany and Chimney Rock has always been on my bucket list ever since I saw photos of this mountain spanning the horizon.


But when your family includes two active pups, you have to change your life to accommodate them and when you love your dogs you'll do anything for them to ensure that they aren't left out in your spontaneity. 

If you want to be frank, the dogs probably enjoyed this weekend more than we did. They had their own hotel bed. A whole day of hiking and swimming in the Pigsah Forest and its streams and being chauffeured around in the car. 


The last day we strolled down the colorful river arts district and of course did our "amateur" photoshoot before heading back to the reality of Charlotte.