Lets talk about this real quick.

Loyalty starts with yourself. If you cannot remain loyal to yourself what makes you think that you can be loyal to something or SOMEONE else. Now what does that mean? The Word loyalty or loyal?

According to Merriam-Webster: Loyalty -  noun  \  ˈlȯi-əl-tē \

: the quality or state of being true and constant in support of someone or something


So this on and off thing...that's not loyalty. That's a game you decided you wanted to play and only play when it suits you. See you don't even like playing the game all the time. You'll play it for a couple days...weeks...maybe a couple months. But You know you'll get tired of playing the same game OR even better...a new player will come along. And when that new person comes along you magically forget the original person. 

Loyalty is the long lasting marriages that our grandparents and their parents had that now somehow have  become obsolete. Loyalty is continuously rooting for a team that hasn't won the world series in years. Loyalty is more than just the ring. Anyone can go buy a ring...Hell you can get one for 25 cents out the little machine. It's the actions that follow the ring. The commitment to what that ring symbolizes. 

I started out with loyalty starts with yourself. No one is going to be your biggest supporter but yourself. But yet we are worst critics. We'd rather tear ourselves down and find all the faults that we have that probably no one else notices.

We CAN'T even show ourselves constant support.

SO why are we out here thinking that we can be loyal to someone else? Or better yet why would you expect someone else to be loyal to you?

Abigale Godwin