Day 14: Class and Chill (pt 2)


As you can see...there's no video. 


Because like the title states, I did nothing but class and chilled. The class was from 10-12pm, however, our teacher always lets us go within the hour of class starting. 

Let's backtrack for a moment, and talk about the fact that I haven't had hot water since I guess it started on Sunday, so I have been taking extremely cold showers in the morning and at night. It has not been pleasant. I think maintenance said that the boiler had gone out, they gave us no time frame on when it would be fixed. (insert facepalm here)

After class, we all came back to our dorms where I proceed to outline what I was planning to do for the weekend because you see the group of girls that I hang out with all had made plan WELL in advance to go to Paris. 

I had just found out about the trip last week.

So just imagine how much transportation tickets had gone up. So after a night of deliberation, I came up with my plan and bought my airplane tickets and did even more research about how'd I get around in the place I had decided to go to. I've decided that I would not disclose my destination until the day of...even more so probably after the day was over.  This will mark my first solo travel trip to another country. This currently doesn't count because I'm going under the protection so to say of the school, therefore, I'm both thrilled and apprehensive. 

The rest of the day was spent trudging through two chapters of work, with the occasional interruptions to eat. Once I could no longer grasp what I was reading I took the time to start mapping out how far the locations of my Bucket List was from the dorm. I quickly found out that most of the things that I would like to do were at minimum an hour away from the dorms and the majority were all by train or tube. The intention is to knock off at least a quarter this upcoming Sunday while I have a free day. 

Other than that...there isn't much else to say.

Oh! I'm not understanding how six people can share one fridge in the kitchen. Right now there's only four of us in the flat and it's nearly impossible to fit all our food in it. 

Sidenote: this is also my first experience with a suite styled living situation since I started college. I've always roomed with myself. So this is definitely new to me.