Day 15 : Just Another Class Session

Just like the day before, today was filled with nothing but class. Except today was a full day of class so 11-4pm with only a one-hour lunch break at 1 pm. 

Something I want to comment on is that this school is very integrated with technology. Similar to the UNCC id card with all that you have access to, your school ID has functions attached to it. As a country, they have progressed to contactless transactions as well, so Apple Pay and Samsung Pay...that's very common here. The travel cards also simply just place it on the reader and go. Along those lines, the printers at the school are similar in design in that you simply have to tap your ID to the signs you in and you can see all the documents you requested to print. 

I know I know UNCC is moving towards that stage...but it's already here. It seems very basic but I was still impressed regardless. 

Since there's not much to talk about I'll mention that tomorrow we are headed to Bedlam as a field trip for the History and Systems Psychology class. Additionally, on the agenda, I plan to mark off: London Bridge, Tower Bridge, London Tower and the monument of the Great Fire of London all before the grand finale of going to the SkyGarden. SkyGarden is a cheaper route to see the city skyline than going to the Shard. It's free to go to, however, you only have an hour and you HAVE to make a reservation to go as well. So I'm really excited about tomorrow for those reasons. 

For Friday's class we're headed to Greenwich where the two hemispheres meet. I plan to maybe map out a couple of places that are nearby on my bucket list that I can mark off as well, since we'll be done by 1 pm. I just don't want to come down to the last week and I still have a lot to mark off. 

But yeah...