Day 20: Authentic Experience

DAy 20.png

Today was ehhh. Granted it consisted of just class but we had tickets to go see Othello at 7:30 PM at the Globe. The Globe that we went to was opened in 1999 after it was closed back in the 1600s during the Puritans reign. It was interesting to go watch Othello there because the theatre was built from the same wood that was used when it was built back in 1614. It was actually built to a replica of the original however this time they were smart to include fire-safety measures.

(The first one burned down in 2 hours after an accident with one of the stage effects involving a cannon.) 

 I must say standing for two and a half hours will have a person contemplating their shoe shopping habits. Me being flat footed, it was not the most ideal situation but hey I guess for the experience it was ok. Our teachers wanted to give us the authentic experience of being of the lower class for that's where they stood. Back then they were referred to as "Groundlings" for obvious reasons and it only cost a penny to watch from the Pit. The seated sections obviously cost more. 

For my first Shakespeare Play, Othello was amazing. The cast was amazing in their deliverance of emotions throughout the play. I think it's nearly impossible to catch every word they say as well so I think it's best you have some idea of what's going on before you get there. They also sell programs to the show that gives you everyone's lines but...who really wants to follow along with a play?