Day 21: Why Do We Have All this Work?

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[Minimal Post Alert]

So I woke up with a headache. Partly because the sun BEAMS through my window down onto my face when I wake up and I had managed to sleep through three of my alarms finally waking up at 9am.... 

20 Minutes before the bus leaves!

Working through the headache I brushed my teeth, washed my face got dressed and grabbed my aspirin before walking out the door towards the bus. The two pills that I did take...did nothing so I had to just push through it until it was time to take another. Class was class. We discussed Freud as it's his house that we're going to on Thursday and we were done within the hour. I took the chance to head to the store to get some cleaning supplies for my bathroom before heading home. I figured I might as well do my clothes as well and start on my long assignment to do list. So far I have finished both of my 800 word essays and will shortly start on reading the my psychology chapters and taking those quizzes. 

Then when that's done I still have an exam to take, an 1000 essay and a final presentation to put together before the week ends. How I plan to mark off all the things on my bucket list I have no idea. I expect I'll be doing another marathon this weekend with efforts to get things crossed off. Who thought it was a good idea to give us all this work?