Day 23: Freud Museum

Day 23.png

Would we really have been taking a psychology class if we didn't visit the Freud Museum?

The day started out slightly later than usual. It started at 11:40 pm when we had to meet in front of the reception hall, in preparation to walk to lunch. Lunch was rather lovely, it was on the docks, so our table overlooked the River Thames. I think we were sitting there for about 2 hours. However, we (well I ) had a two-course meal. After I had my cute mini Belgian brownie with bourbon vanilla ice cream, we left for the train station


Sidenote: it was super HOT today, temperatures in the 90s and with no AC it was quick to make me drowsy as I had fallen asleep on the train ride to the museum. 


When you're headed towards the Freud museum, you're taken for a loop because you're walking in a residential neighborhood. My teacher pointed to a building and was like we're here and I was taken aback because it was, in fact, a suburban house. 

Anna Freud had turned her father's house into a museum leaving his study just as he had. I remember walking up to the door and feeling like I should knock and go through the proper entering a house procedure. I literally walked into his house, his home for the last part of his life. 

To see the most influential couch in his study was almost surreal.

This was the couch everyone associates with Psychology. Where you go to a therapist and you lay back on a couch...yeah that association is attributed to Freud. As crazy as it might sound, I kept expecting Freud to come out and talk to us, his house gave off such a homey vibe and an ambiance that someone still lived here. 

I had initially planned to go and mark things off my bucket list, but as it was so hot and, public transportation just had a walkout...i just went back to the dorms. Good thing to because my nose started bleeding as soon as I sat down on the train headed back. Once again the heat had lulled me to sleep on the train ride back, and by some miracle, i woke up right in time to get off at our stop. 

Once back i started working on my  to-do list of assignments, and currently, I just have an essay to complete before I can start on my final presentation