Day 31: Dance the Night Away

Day 31.png


So it's August 3rd...The last day of class and the day of my British Culture and Society Final. By now I had already packed up my room ( I think I did it two days ago ) and I was just trying to force myself to remember enough to write about on my final essay.  

I decided I was going to catch the early bus and get to the school by 8:30am, even though class wasn't until 9:30. I needed the extra time to get my thoughts together and to just bask in the ambiance that for a month this was my school.  The time arrived that I had to go to my last class session of British Culture and Society. 

You know that period of time in school after you finish all your exams and you're just going to school to basically waste time and the teacher just plays movies?

today was that day.

Of Course, Elly gave us the background information on each movie clip she played and it's significance to British Culture but no one was really listening. We were all trying to get our thoughts together for the final exam and essay. 

I rewrote my five permitted bullet points for my essay and continued to study over the power points. My topic for my essay was: To what is the extent does Religion still play a role to British National Identity? 

Not necessarily an easier topic but I written an independent paper on it earlier for this class and Elly had given me guided questions to further my thinking on the matter.

Side note

The British grading system is COMPLETELY different than ours. In fact a 100-66 is consider an A in their system. The first grade I received was a 67 and I was definitely alarmed but Elly quickly assured me that it was a Low A. 

Lunch came. And it went. I don't even think I ate. or if I did it was a croissant. [I'm sure the lady that works at the library cafe got tired of my habitual order of vanilla chair latte and a croissant un-warmed.]  

Elly passed out the exam and the lined paper for our essay, told us we had an Hour and a half and we started. Just like she said the multiple choice was the least of our worries only being 10 simple questions, it was the essay we should spend majority of our time on. We had to fill two pages worth of content. So that was front and back of one page and the front (and back for good measure but necessary) of the second page.  I was finished within the hour and I turned my exam in and walked out of a classroom I would probably not see in MY near future again. 

I waited for a couple of other UNCC students (mainly because I needed someone to take my photo in front of the school sign) before I walked back to the dorm. That was it. I was done with study abroad class. 


That night was the farewell dinner at the Holiday Inn down the street from the Dorms. My roommate wanted to leave by 6: 30pm but did we leave at 6:30...of course not. I think majority of the study abroad group didn't leave the dorms until after 7 pm. 

The Event started at 7 pm.

Regardless we made it to the event and dinner was served. There was a few awards given out before they turned it over to the DJ. It was interesting to see everyone on a small dance floor trying to figure out how to the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble.  The night ended for me around 10:30pm when I walked back with a group of girls to the dorm and I collapsed in my bed to tired to do anything else...