Day 10: Everyone is Gone


Soooo. Everyone is gone. This weekend starting today was the trip to Amsterdam and to Bruges...which is at the residence halls except maybe like a handful of people. 

What does that mean for me?

I can sleep in. I didn't wake up until maybe 10:30 am and didn't physically get out of bed for the next hour or so. I was nice to not have to get up early and worry about being somewhere to make transportation. Now here's another reason I stayed in bed. It was supposed to rain.

BUT it didn't. 

It's now 10 pm and it hasn't rained not one drop. If I had known that it was going to decide to not rain i would have planned to go places and continue to mark things off my Bucket List. But here I was at 2:30 pm still in bed. In my defense I was working on this website. As you may or may not have noticed I have added a side bar that only shows on actual blog post pages. It's on the right if you're lost on what I'm talking about. In addition to that I finally set up a "subscribe" function on the website (also found on the sidebar as well as on the bottom page). Outside of the website I connected my Pinterest to it to increase my audience. 

So it's 2:30pm and I just feel like I've wasted my day as far as exploring so I made myself lunch before going to get my atrocious looking eyebrows threaded with Cameren. Since that only took all of 10 minutes we stopped by what I'm assuming is the Dollar Store; It's called PoundLand, as well as stopping by a drugstore where I finally found witch hazel for my face. 

By 5 we were back in our rooms where I continued to do nothing productive other than paint my fingernails. Dinner consisted of rice, egg, cod and cheese. I definitely need some type of sauce with this for it was rather bland from the lack of seasonings in the kitchen. Now I'm here typing up my blog because I deemed it unnecessary to record a vlog about an uneventful day. 

Hopefully tomorrow proves to be more adventurous than today. We plan to return to Notting Hill and FIND those houses as well as go to Camden Market and their art filled streets. I'm hoping to get more of the day recorded than seen in Day 9. I've been looking at other travel vlogs and have been taking notes on how to improve my videos but we'll see how that goes. 

*Make sure you go check out the photo of the day located on the Home page.*

Just a few things I wanted to mention that I am starting to realize as the days continue on:

  • It's actually very expensive to live in the center of London. The houses in Notting Hill are easily 4 million DOLLARS. 
  • AC isn't offered on public transportation
  • Water Fountains are like unicorns here
  • You have to ask for ice cubes
  • There's most definitely international charges to use your debit card (I don't know why I didn't know this to begin with)
  • People will literally brush past you if you don't step aside (I've learned to do the same...because I'm not about to move for you)
  • Housing is super compact
  • Stores close by 6pm on weekdays
  • Smoking isn't looked down upon here...nearly everyone does it
  • Wifi is in almost place you go