Gratitude Day 1: Three People

Prompt:  Write down the names of three people you are grateful for TODAY

So as sit across the Starbucks table from


as our Study Date Night winds down, I can't help but include him on this list.

Thinking back throughout the day: I'm grateful for


, one of my fellow work-studies who was available to answer all my questions on my first day. The work study is mostly me sitting in the lounge and doing homework and making sure nothing get's too rowdy. The other detail of the job is knowing a little bit of what the Veteran Services Office does...which are details that I have yet to engrain into my mind. 

The third person I am grateful today is


, the Administrative assistant in the Veteran Service office. It's probably her job to ask me however she took the time to ask me how was my first day in the lounge, she took the time to give the rundown and to pretty much put me at ease as I stepped into the job of a new Work Study. I'm not entirely sure why I'm intimidated by her. Maybe it's because not only is she my supervisor, but she's also a Black woman. Now that might sound weird coming from me (where I am also black). Still, she commands herself AND the vibe she brings into any room. This probably stems from the fact that she served in the Marines for 11 years, another reason why I feel slightly intimidated. Nevertheless, she has been nothing less than welcoming as i check in with her in the morning at 8 am.