Gratitude Day 10: i'm letting go

Prompt:  Stand in the mirror and repeat to yourself, "I'm Letting Go" then write a non-apology letter to the world


Dear World,

I'm not Sorry.

I don't apologize.

For What? What do you need me to apologize for? What will that accomplish?

I'm not sorry for who I am,

and who I decided I want to be. I'm not sorry that I can't conform to the illogical societal standards that can never seem to cease to evolve as time goes on. How could you even expect me to begin to conform?

Especially when the standards that you want me to conform to are those created by someone that doesn't

even look like me.

Who would I be if I listened to you? Certainly not the person I am now.

Now I will admit. It took me a while to see. To see that what the world wanted and what


wanted did not align. I was sacrificing my uniqueness, my one-in-million-ness, and


to fit into the box.

And you had me tricked. You had me wishing that I fit. That I wanted to be a part of the whole. You had me tricked that if I didn't fit in that, I was a failure. That I was less than.

That I was ugly.

And oh world, you played the game all so well. You almost had me. You almost had it.

But I'm letting go.

I'm letting go of the weight that I never asked for. I'm letting go of the societal standards that were never made for me.

I'm letting go of your hand and standing in my own sunlight.

Who I am, is who I am supposed to be.

So, no I won't apologize.