Gratitude Day 11: Just Write

Prompt:  Just write for 5 minutes


*Starts timer at 1:38 PM*

So boom. Here I am.

I'm just kidding. That's not how I'm going to start that. I'm currently writing this at my armory using my cellphone's personal hotspot. You would think that they would give us access to the wifi that they have running throughout the place. The armory is basically a concrete barrier.

Honestly, I don't know where my mind is at. I have orders for the next ten days in lieu of Hurrican Florence... and to be honest. I'm not sure I'm ready for what's coming. Sure I've been on hurricane missions before, but that was towards the end of state mission when it was just clean up. I've never been tasked out before the storm even hit. Granted the storm won't hit until probably Thursday and where they have us staging we're relatively inland, and hopefully, we won't get the brunt of it by the time it hits the city.

I just hope people are prepared. I feel like we've taken the tone of oh its just going to be a little rain here and there. I feel like it's better to be over prepared than to be not at all.

I hope we packed enough medical equipment to last us the ten days as well...I think that my main worry is that I'm not prepared enough and that could ultimately cost me or even worse someone else.

Well, this took a turn to a self-reflection. Is that my true fear in life?

that I'm not prepared.

because I wasn't prepared 8 years ago and my father passed away.

*Ends timer at 1:43 PM*

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