Gratitude Day 12: Top 5

Prompt:  what are the Top 5 Most Important things in Your Life


I always struggle when it comes to naming/ranking things according to priority or importance in regards to me. For the simple fact that on any given day what I rank top 3 could be top 2 that day. So like everything else, things fluctuate based on experiences.

I'm not even sure where to start. Like Five most important things in my life in regards to what? I feel like the five things I list out could have their own subcategories, leaving the top 5 most important things I list now as generic/cliche items. Does that even make sense?

But anywho. I'm going to just list whatever comes to mind



Family is important to me (as I'm sure it is yours as well) but growing up it has always been an immediate family that I've been surrounded by. And now it's just the three of us. In the past I struggled to keep open lines of communication between everyone...maybe because I found myself to busy and I just forgot...or I didn't even think about it. I'm trying to do better though.



So you’re probably assuming that I am referring to relationships between boyfriend and girlfriend. Which yes. That is what I am referring to. BUT I am also referring to relations between friends, mentors, etc. I realize in England that I need relationships. I need people to keep me sane. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy my time there but towards the end, I was by myself and I could feel myself starting to feel down. I cherish the relationships I cultivate. I guess I can say I’m very selective about who I form authentic relationships with and that makes them so much more important to me. Does this even make sense? I' am a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason and they are there to teach you something and to ultimately help you grow personally.



I’ve come to realize that having open communication lines are essential in any family or relationship. It makes everything so much easier. Open communication can save you from so many unwanted/awkward situations as well as keeps people from having their feelings from getting hurt. Communication is a two way street between people, and as you’ve noticed, I’m slowly working on my lines of communication. I’m trying to more receptive as well as more open and honest with how I communicate with people.


My Education

So this isn’t just about me getting a college degree. This is the education in all fields of life. There should never be a time when you’re not learning. Or at least that’s what I believe. Every moment in life is a teachable moment. You should always gain something from your encounters no matter how minuscule. And that’s me. I like to watch and learn. Now if I retain it is a whole other story. But the quote of

Education is the one thing that no one can take from you.
— B. B. King

is something that I value. And it was something that my mom also stressed. She always pushed my brother and I to go to college and to learn everything we can. Because she felt that the key to success lies in your education.


My Spirituality

I think my spirituality is essential. Notice I didn’t say religion because there’s just a lot going on with that. Who I am with God is VERY important. I might not believe in every religious rule or custom, but I do think that there is a God that watches over all of us and provides for us whether that’s in our time of need or when we don’t even think we need it. My spirituality has given me comfort when human logic and thoughts have failed me.

And this isn't to say that if you aren't spiritual that you can't find comfort but, I'm only speaking on myself and my thoughts and what I find important.

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