Gratitude Day 13: achievement

Prompt:  Think back a year ago. What were you striving for that you achieved? How does that make you feel?

Last year what was I trying to achieve? I honestly think that the biggest thing I was trying to reach was winning Sorority of the Year as a chapter.

So what does that mean exactly?

So at UNC Charlotte, there are specific requirements you have to hit to remain a functioning chapter on campus. And if you above those requirements you can submit for awards and possibly take home the overall prize of

Sorority of the Year.  

Now this title has not been held for over 10 years well at least since the current Office Fraternity and Sorority Life Director has been in her position. 

Also background information on me. Last year made my second year in the chapter, and I've only held the position of Secretary and only served under one president before me. So becoming President was pretty new to me.

I remember planning over the summer with the advisors, my Fraternity Brother and even my boyfriend on how I wanted to execute my plan. And let me just say this. No matter how much you plan and explain the plan, it will more than likely


go according to plan.  

Throughout last year, I was a whirlwind of emotions, vent sessions, rants, and tears. I think I made Devonte feel like he was one of my chapter members as much as I vented and consulted with him. And there were times I wanted just to


Sometimes I felt that what I was trying to do was worthless and In vain. There were times that I thought I my standards were too high and my expectations unachievable.  I figured that I was doing too much.


We won.  

We won the sorority of the year.

(i almost didn't make the ceremony because I was on Army Orders)  

Our name was called, and my heart fluttered. My chapter couldn't have been happier. 
And I felt so accomplished. Everyone I had in my corner was the first to congratulate me, and they said the words

"I told you so."

 They knew what I wanted to achieve, and that it was capable. I felt a weight come off my shoulders. Because I wasn't doing this just for me...I was doing it for everyone that came before me in my chapter. I did it for the future chapter members to show that it is achievable.