Gratitude Day 15: grateful

Prompt:  Express to Someone you are grateful in writing

So. Who do I want to focus on for this entry? The prompt says express to someone in writing that you're grateful for them...and that's easy enough. It's just a matter of who do I want to write to.

Oh, I know!

I'm grateful for KaLee.

I met her almost three years ago when I offered to take her back to her dorm from our first meeting when we were embarking on our journey to become Zeta's. Lord, I was so nervous about the whole thing. I obviously knew no one at the time, but i offered her a ride home so she wouldn't have to walk across campus. I remember she talked about how her whole family was blue and white and blah blah.

As the weeks passed on, I would pick her up from her dorm on occasion, but it wasn't until last year that we became close. She served as my Vice President, while I took the role of President. I'm pretty sure there was a moment that occurred earlier that was the marker of our friendship I just obviously cannot remember it at the moment.

I have to give it to KaLee she can make friends with anyone really. She can connect with anyone, and it's easy for me to admit that at times

I'm jealous of that trait of hers.

But why am I grateful for her?

She always with the shenanigans. And let me clarify on that. Shenanigans don't always mean the ratchet stuff or the parties or going out...its also about the

sisterly bonding, the studying together, the holding me accountable.

I remember the times it was the night before a trip we were taking and I had mentioned that I had homework due. This girl literally shoves her broken computer in my lap and made me do my homework while she watched Living Single as she stayed up with me.

Another thing I'm grateful for is the fact that she remembers all the little details about a person. And if I so choose to divulge something new about me, she always says....

"Ohhhh I didn't know that about you. I'm going to remember that now."

I'm not sure if it's her ADD or just the high amounts of energy that she never seems to get rid of, but she always makes me laugh...


when she annoys the hell out me. She always has some story to tell me about either herself or about somehting at work or just whatever you can think of. She has a story and it's bound to be funny. Then let's not talk about the times she just says


stuff. Like not academically dumb. It'll just be stuff that are so off the wall that all you can say is...

"Girl, What?"

I'm sure there's more to be grateful about KaLee, but then her head would get too big and then I'd never hear the end of how I expressed my feelings about her. But that's my girl. And she said it the other day; there's neve a time that I cannot hold her accountable and she won't take offense to it. And that's important because I feel like I can say things to her and vice versa where she can say things to me (within in reason of course) and we both understand where each person is coming from. And that's big in a relationship.

Thanks for being a friend and a sister.