Gratitude Day 19: value

Prompt:  Do the people I surround myself with add any value to my life?

I think this a very self-reflective question to ask yourself. Why? Because you need to know what you place value in, to be able to say someone else is adding value to your life.

So let's break this into two parts.

What/Where Do I place value:

Since the prompt is about do people I surround myself add value to my life...I'll focus on where and what I place value in within the realm of relationships.

I find it important that there is an understanding between both parties in a relationship, whether that person is my significant other, my line sister, peer, or just a friend. I value people that have taken the time to understand me and vice versa. Understanding who you are dealing with can, I think, reduce future problems. Having an understanding of a person leads to better communication.

Which is the second thing I value.


There is just no way around that fact, and I feel that I've stated several times throughout this series. I appreciate people that can communicate effectively with me. I'm not the person to pry all the information out of you, you're either going to tell me, or you're not. *insert shrug* Along the lines on communication, I appreciate people that can effectively tell me when I'm wrong or can tell their perspective on situations without demeaning mine.

Another thing I value is learning. By learning I mean, being able to learn from one another as well as having something to teach in return. And it doesn't have to be a physical skill like how to do math or how to name a molecule in Organic Chemistry. It can be the intangible skills as well as being able to change perspectives or learning to appreciate the little things in life. I have always placed value in being able to continue the process of learning. I never want to become stagnant in that aspect of life, and I want to be able to find that in my relationships with people.

So do I find these in the People I surround myself with?


I believe I do.

Understanding, Communication, Learning.

The people that I continuously surround myself each have these values that I find important. And on the flip side, the relationships I have with them have never detracted from my life. NOW at times, I have been annoyed with them, but I have never felt that having them in my life has devalued me in any way. I have always felt that the people I surround myself with add something to me that I didn't have before me knowing them (as selfish as that might sound).

Now do I think that if they were NOT in my life, that my life would have less value...? Eh. I mean I think it's a two part. I have my OWN value in my life and then theres the value that OTHERS bring to your life. Does that make sense?