Gratitude Day 2: Five Proud Moments

Prompt:  Write down five things that you are proud of yourself for accomplishing

Wow. Five things seem like a lot. Especially when you don't take the time to pat yourself on the back often. Alright, let me think for a moment...



I got through Devonte's ridiculous workout that he made up for me as we try to work towards my goal of developing my gluteus maximus. Here are the exercises I completed today: 


I brought my lunch to school today. Which sounds first grade-ish but managing to curb my appetite is rather expensive and bringing food from home is a way to combat the overspending of money that I don't have. Lunch today included baked chicken breast that Devonte seasoned the night before and buffalo cauliflower and water. The cauliflower could have used more sauce, but it was rather filling much to my surprise.Office3. I arrived to the Veterans Service Office 10 minutes prior to clock in time. This says a lot. which leads me to Number three. 


I woke up ON TIME and I left the house ON TIME. It takes me approximately 25ish minutes to drive to school so I aim to leave by 7:25 am to give me enough cushion in regards to time. I managed to be so early that I beat the Adminstrative Assitant there. 


this is a two fold accomplishment. So prior today I created our current interest meeting flyer. It was published yesterday on social media and today it made it to one of the biggest Zeta Group pages on facebook. Just to see Sorors praise you and say that this is the example is just heartwarming. Especially when you though that the flyer was average. Now the followup to this is that I created a pub within 20 minutes in between classes. Now don't get it confused. The pub/flyer turned out rather decent and it's also a style I usually don't exhibit as you can see to the right.


I have finally started back again on my blog. When I finished up my Study Abroad Series, I felt so empty. I was stuck in the world of: "Now What?"

I put in all these details to formulate my brand, the color scheme and the layout of the website. And it was just hiding behind an Underconstruction sign until I figured out what to do. I think I am slowly allowing myself to be open by making my old work visible throughout the website, and I'm proud of my growth.