Gratitude Day 3: I'm Loved because...

Prompt:  Complete this sentence: “I know I am loved because... ” 
List everything that comes to mind. 


So this is a little interesting in what it's asking. It's asking how do I know that's I am loved. Not what I love, who I love or who loves me. It's asking how do I


When I first read that prompt. I was like...

uhhh what?

How am I supposed to answer this? Like what does this even mean? I'm still not sure what this mean's so I'm just going to take a stab at it.
  • People talk to me, and


    to what I have to say

  • People


    me, when I'm low on money and haven't eaten

  • People let me into their


  • They let me


  • They spend


    on me (outside of food)

  • I feel


  • Devonte

    says it back

  • My brother comes to me for


  • My mom


    me everytime I come to her, no matter how inconvient it is to her

  • I have a grandmother that


    for me, even when I don't call her

  • I'm still




these items were listed in the order that they came to me and what's interesting is some of the items on my list. You can see that I start out very materiliastic as i attribute my feeling loved to if my phone is being blown up with notifications. Is that a result of the world e live in today? Have i gotten so attached to my phone that to go a length of period without any ding of sound causes me to feel unloved?

My love langauge is words of affirmation is what I'm attributing the second bullet point to. That I liked to be avidly listened to when Im talking about my day. Or maybe I just made that correlation up and that's not the real reason as to why that came to mind on how I determine if I'm loved or not.

Food is one of the numerous ways to my heart. So it's not surprising that this is on the list. There's many times I go without eating; either because I'm too busy or more than likely I can't afford to buy food while I'm out and about. So for someone to offer to buy me food or to even ask if i've eaten today warms my heart.

So being invited over and being able to spend the night are big indicators to me that I'm loved persay, because I'm strong believer that you're not going to invite everyone into your household. You've never sure of what type of energy someone is going to bring with them into your house. If someone suggests that I should spend the night after maybe a long day or a night out, that let's me know that you care enough about me to cosider my wellbeing and if it's actually safe for me to drive home.

Skipping down to Devonte Says it back. So I tell him I love him everyday and it's important for me to hear him say it back. Why?

Growing up, It was basically law that we say good night to each other and that we loved each other before going to bed. Also alsongside that the message of, you never know what can happen to you, so make sure you let the person know you love them when you can. (Pretty sure that's NOT how it goes but you get the point). Although Devonte is more of an action kind of guy, it still makes me happy to hear him say it aloud.

Going all the way down to the bottom to: I'm still alive. I'm not entirey sure where this one came from but my reasoning is that, if I wasn't loved, i wouldn't still be here present on this Earth. I think there is something bigger in this world that loves me enough to keep around to play the game of life until it's time for me to move on.