Gratitude Day 4: Thank You

Prompt:  Write a “thank you” note to the most essential part of your body. 


Dear Hands and Fingers,

Thank You.

Thank you for continuing to work day in and day out. I use literally every day for literally everything, and with this meditation, I realized that I have never taken the time to thank you. For still working since the day I was born.

I have grateful enough not to have broken any of the bones contained with my hands and fingers. However, that doesn't mean I wasn't


you throughout life. The calluses that had formed over the years as I didn't protect my skin when it came to heavy lifting and working in the yard.



for calling you stubby at times when I felt that my fingers weren't long enough or attractive enough And I apologize for the times I only thought that you looked decent only when I had acrylics or gel nails to increase the length of my fingers through the use of illusion.

Every day I use you. I use you to write, to drive, to wash my hair and body, to eat, to type, to be welcoming, to pray and to show love. And it never crosses my mind how


I actually use you. You could say that I take you for granted, and before this prompt, it would probably have taken the


of my hands for me to have realized how much you do for me.

And to some people, you might not be the most essential part of the body. They might take the generic route and say the heart or the brain. Which isn't wrong. Opinions can never be wrong. BUT besides those life essential body parts. The hands and Fingers are crucial.


that's not to say people that are born without hands or have suffered in some way not to have hands are any less important. This is just my thank you letter to what I currently have in my life.