Gratitude Day 5: Forward

Prompt:  Write 5 things you're looking forward to throughout the day



I as Cliche as this might sound...I'm looking for to the end of the school day. I literally have classes every day of the week all squished in between the hours of 11 and 4:30 pm. I have a tiring schedule, especially when I has assignments due almost every day.


I'm looking forward to eating...whatever that may be. I usually don't eat consistently during the day...but I have a little wiggle room between class and Starbucks to eat lunch/dinner. Now what am I going to eat is a question all in itself.


Speaking of Starbucks...after almost a whole week of not being on the schedule...I'm slightly looking forward to going into work. HOWEVER, Starbucks always finds a way to annoy me when I get there. Honestly, at this point, I'm just going for the check. *shrugs*


I'm looking forward to getting off work. I'm like the unofficial closer at Starbucks because of my limited availability, and it gets tiring, especially when you're not getting off until 11 pm every shift, and then you have a 30-minute drive back home.


I'm looking forward to this bottle of wine, I'm gonna have after work as a way to end the first full week of back to school.