Gratitude Day 7: Music

Prompt:  Write down a memory that is associated with Music

* this has been modified from the originial prompt*

Music has been proven to be associated with multiple aspects of life, and one of those aspects is the creation of memories or more so recalling memories. That's why people listen to classical music when studying. It stimulates the brain and increases the chances of remembering what you're studying.

But outside of the academic world, we often associate particular songs with monumental life moments, i.e., the song you choose for the first dance at your wedding or the maybe the song you have playing at a funeral for someone you love.

The one song that I associate a memory with heavily is the song chosen to play at my father's funeral. Every time that song plays, whether that's on my phone when I shuffle the music or late night on the is guaranteed to make me think of my father and his funeral.

That song is...

Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross

If you've heard the song then you know. And if you haven't heard go ahead and scroll to the bottom and listen to the song. We have all dealt with loss in some fashion, and there comes the point to where you just reminisce about all the times you had and how things were.

At the end of the song...the lyrics are... " I know I'm praying for At the end of the song...the lyrics are... " I know I'm praying for much too much/but could you send back the only man she ever loved/I know you don't do it usually/But Dear Lord/She's dying to dance with my father again..."

I remember I thought it was a dream when my father first passed and that somehow the Lord would let him come walking back into our house... and like the song continues on to say... "Every night I fall asleep And this is all I ever dream..."