Gratitude Day 9: blessings

Prompt:  Have you experiences any blessings in disguise?


So this prompt requires me to think back and analyze what has happened to me throughout the past couple of days. What has happened that was a blessing that I didn't realize at the time?

*so I've been sitting here for about 5 minutes now* 

OH! This work study!

(Fun Fact: I'm sitting in my work-study place of work typing this, so I have no idea why this didn't just come to me)

This work-study has been a blessing in disguise simply for the fact that it's providing me guaranteed schedule time blocks to study, something that i had trouble doing last semester. Every morning I have a guaranteed 2-3 hours block of time to study any material I need to do for the day. Granted I still do my duties as a work-study student first.

Having these blocks of time have been helpful for me because this semester I have I think 16 credits ( I keep forgetting what the number actually is) I just know that I have a lot of classes and two of them are

Organic Chemistry


Cell Biology

. Both of these classes I need as prerequisites to get into PA school, and I would rather not have a C like my previous Chemistry Classes. The majority of the time if you were to come into the lounge where I work, I am composing Organic Chemistry notes or going through Cell Biology lecture powerpoints and filling out the outlines. You would think that I was a chemistry or biology major with the amount of work I put into those classes.

Another reason that this is a blessing in disguise is that I am not getting into the habit of getting up by 7ish. I have an alarm set to 6:45 to kinda get me out my sleep, but by 7 is when I really roll out of bed. These alarms have been turned on since my study abroad in England when I had to get up early to make my own breakfast. It's quite funny because even though I up by 7, that's not enough time for me to make breakfast and leave by 7:25 to be at the school on time.

If I were to show you my schedule this semester, you would think I was crazy because most days due to the work-study I am going from 8am to about 5pm, and some days if I go to work at Target I'm not getting home until 11pm. Which only reaffirms that this work-study is a blessing because, by the time I'm getting home, I'm so tired to continue studying and prepare for classes the next day.