Reedy Creek Nature Preserve Trail

Charlotte, NC | Reedy Creek Park

Trail Date: May 27, 2019




2.1 Miles


47.26 minutes


121 feet

Things to Know

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Dog Friendly

Loop Trail


We got lost. Well, I did since I was the one with the GPS...BUT in my defense, the trail wasn't clearly marked, and there was a lot of splitting off. Hate to admit it, but we started off lost, we parked in the parking lot, and I assumed that it would only be right to start a trail near the actual sign of the park. NOPE. Completely wrong. It was off in the corner, which I must have just missed when we pulled into the parking lot.

The trail wasn't packed; however, I would say there was an even number of people either on the trail itself or in the surrounding park area. There looked like there was going to be a party soon.

According to


the trail is supposed to go around two lakes...which they did. Just know the first lake isn't much to look at. And it was at this point that

Things start getting a little awry with the trails. The trails itself are not clearly marked with the standard trail markers I'm used and every once and a while you'll see actual trail signs pointing to new trails.

I rated this trail easy

Because it was all flat land and even then it was one of my shorter trails at

2 miles

. The original trail was supposed to total 3 miles, but at the end of the day, the goal was to get some form of exercise in before we kicked off the Memorial Day Festivities.