Sugarloaf and Morrow Mountain Trail

Albermale, NC | Morrow Mountains State Park

Trail Date: May 23, 2019


High - Moderate


5.5 Miles


2:25 hours


1,161 feet

Things to Know

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Marked Trails

Dog Friendly

Loop Trail


Mountain Tops


So boom. This trail is actually two trails combined and is rated as easy with the AllTrails app if you actually search it. BUT these trails are not easy!

So if I haven't said this before if you hit the DIRECTIONS button within the AllTrails app, it will take you straight to the parking lot. Now I didn't know this sooo when the GPS was telling me to take some gravel road off in the cut my instincts told me not to turn down there. BUT because I had no signal AND had no idea where i was going I turned around and turned down the gravel road...which leads you to the grassy parking lot area.

The trail starts off easy enough leading away from the parking lot and within half a mile you're even crossing road further into the woods. Now shortly after you cross over the road the trail forks. Here's what you need to know GO RIGHT. This puts you on the

Morrow Mountain Trail


NOw this is why I rated this trail High-moderate.

At first, you're just walking through the woods. Having to cross small streams of water, nothing major. AND THEN all of a sudden you're just met with a stupid hill with a ridiculous incline on it. And on top of that. The hill is all in the sun. At this point, I think I let the dog leash go and let them go at their own pace because I for one did not need to be pulled by them neither did i need to be lugging them up the hill myself.

At the top of the incline, there is a small bridge, and then you have to go up maybe a couple of stairs, where you are met with the road which you cross over and walk into the picnic area otherwise known as the

Morrow Mountain

. Since the incline was a bit much, we (the dogs and I) took a water and snack break before we headed back down the trail back towards the original trail fork.

Side Note:This is also where I realized that two bottles of water for two dogs were not enough water for them.

As we continued on what was now

Sugarloaf Mountain Trail,

it was shaded for the most part until again all of a sudden you're hit with inclines. Now if I had to pick which slope was worse. It would be this one. This one was utter trash. Even the dogs agree because once we got to the top of the mountain, they would take it upon themselves to make their own breaks.

Side Note: The trail isn't big enough for more than one person to walk side by side. So don't expect your dogs to walk next to you.

Another Side Note: The trails ARE marked however they have a very off-road vibe to them as some parts were just sand and you had to dig your toes into the dirt to establish any type of grip as you climbed up the hill.

Man! This trail undoubtedly wore the dogs and me out and also produced my first blister. Honestly, though I enjoyed the trail. The inclines were something different, and even the actual forest-y feel of the trail helped. I liked the fact that trails didn't intrude on nature and allowed for streams to run their course through the earth.